Berry Alloc Toulon Oak 109S 5mm Vinyl Laminate Flooring (60000015)

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Berry Alloc Toulon Oak 109S Vinyl Laminate Flooring


General Information

  • Box of 8 planks
  • Super-fast installation: PURE Click is unbeatable for installation thanks to its unique identical interlocking profile on all 4 sides. No need to walk back to the other side of the room to start the next row. Start the installation in either corner of the room and click your way to the other side. You can start the next row where you’ve finished the previous row.
  • Expand your creative thinking and fit any floor pattern you can think of. You can even mix several colours to create a staggering effect.
  • Several fitters can work simultaneously on the same floor.
  • You can finish any room in no time at all!
  • Thanks to the solid and more Rigid Composite Board (RCB), PURE Click is unaffected by high moisture levels and is extremely stable at normal room temperatures.
  • The strong joints give a greater resistance to heavy traffic and rolling loads.
  • AC5 Rated Laminate Flooring
  • Made in BELGIUM

Laminate Specification

Length (Plank)


Width (Plank)


Thickness (Plank)


Weight (Box)

16 kg

Surface Coverage per Box

2.16 sqm

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