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C2TE Wall & Floor Tile Adhesive Grey and White Colour Option (25 Kg) Suitable For Ceramic & Granite Tiles

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High performance, easy-to-use, single-component, polymer reinforced, cement-based adhesive mortar with reduced slip feature and extended open time for bonding porcelain ceramic and granite ceramic.


 Intended Uses

  • Wall & floor in interior applications of buildings, floor on exterior applications of buildings.
  • Suitable for crowded and heavily trafficked areas
  • Surfaces with underfloor heating exposed to variable temperature differences,
  • Wet areas such as bathrooms & kitchens, terraces,
  • Ceramic on ceramic applications (after applying SS-41 ceramic primer on old ceramics),
  • On surfaces like concrete, plaster and screed,
  • After use of UA-34 Ultra insulation primer on gypsum surfaces, the adhesive is used for bonding tiles such as ceramic, granite, porcelain ceramic


    • Easy-to-use. Desired consistency can be achieved by mixing with water only.
    • High adhesive strength.
    • Resistant to freeze-thaw cycle.
    • Does not slip in vertical applications.
    • Extended open time. Open time is 30 minutes.

      Surface Treatment

      • The surface must be clean, dry, smooth and solid.
      • Particles hampering adhesion like dirt, oil and paint must be removed from the surface.
      • Cracks on surface must be repaired with REPAIR SW Waterproof structural repair mortar at least 24 hours prior to application.
      • Dusty surface behind ceramics must be wiped and moistened before application.
      • The surface should be dampened in applications above 30°C



        • Slowly pour 25 kg GRANIFIX powder into 6.0-7.0lt water and thoroughly mix it for 3-4 minutes with a low-speed mixer until it becomes a smooth, homogeneous substance.
        • Do not add any additional additives, unless mentioned in the instructions.
        • Rest the prepared mortar for 5 minutes and stir it again for 1-2 minutes before application.
        • Spread the mortar onto the substrate with notched trowel of which notch size is appropriate to the tile dimension and the smoothness of the application surface. Double-sided application is recommended as the size of the ceramic increases.
        • Ceramic, granite, porcelain ceramic, marble, etc. the coatings should be bonded within 30 minutes by applying a force with a rubber hammer onto the combed mortar. Unfavourable climatic conditions (high temperature, low humidity, wind, etc.) can reduce this time.
        • In case of expiring mortar the entire non-sticking layer needs to be scraped away and a new adhesive layer reapplied to the cleaned surface.
        • After 24 hours from the application of GRANIFIX, application is completed with FUGAFLEX
        • Silicone additive flex tile grout according to the appropriate joint range.



          • 25 kg Kraft Paper bag


          Shelf Life

          • Shelf life of an unopened package stored in a dry, cool place is 12 months from the date of manufacture.


          Warnings and Recommendations

          • It is not suitable for use on heated floors, swimming pools and areas with heat fluctuations.
          • GRANIFIX is suitable for use within 30 minutes of application to the surface to be applied. Use in excess of 30 minutes is not appropriate.
          • Do not apply during extremely hot, windy and rainy weather.
          • After application of GRANIFIX direct contact with water must be avoided for at least 24 hours.
          • Do not breathe the powder or contact with skin or eyes as it is cement-based.
          • After application, hands and applications tools should be thoroughly washed with water.
          • The indicated consumption amount is general information and may differ due to application conditions and surface features.