Stroud 595 Super Vinyl Lino Flooring 4m Width

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Factory 595 Super Vinyl Lino Flooring

0.30 Wear Layer |

The perfect vinyl flooring is the combination of quality material, durable layer and lasting thickness. At undergroundflooring we only supply European IVC brand vinyl flooring which is trusted by millions all over the world.

Vinyl Features

  • 4.00 mm Thickness
  • 0.30 Wear Layer
  • R10 Anti Slip Rated
  • Quick and Easy Installation
  • Natural Look and Feel
  • Clean Indoor Air
  • Luxatex Textile Backing
  • Castor Chair Resistance
  • Suitable for Wet Areas

Leoline Super Vinyl Series

The super strikes the perfect balance between function and fashion, and explores the the golden mean. Targeting the style-savvy consumer who’s willing to pay a little extra for a design floor that goes a longer way, the versatile Solid collections anticipate the latest trends in residential flooring, supported by strong performance features that can cope with the most demanding circumstances.

  • Equipped with PU-coated and high-resistance wear layer for prolonged and intense use (suitable for light commercial applications, class 22 & 23)
  • R10-rated slip resist with picture-perfect embossing
  • Available with cushioned jumbo-back, ideal for floor heating and offering perfect insulation. Also available with textile back for added resilience and prep-free installation
  • Easy to install, easy to clean, easy to maintain
  • Backprint
  • Water-resistant, dirt-repellent and scratch-proof
  • Solid acoustic and thermal performance
  • Hip and trendy designs that make a bold statement

Technical Information

Slip Resistant DS
Slip Restraint R10
Formaldehyde Group E1
Inflammability CFL-S1
Acoustical Insulation 18 dB
Underfloor Heating Suitable
Thermal Conductivity 0.25 W/mK
Thermal Resistance 0.0112 m2K/W
Resistance to Household Chemical Very Good


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