Victor 06 Commercial Vinyl Lino Flooring 4m Width

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Sedna T06 Commercial Vinyl Lino Flooring

R10 Anti Slip Rated | 2mm Thickness Vinyl Lino Flooring |

Commercial Vinyl Lino Flooring Domestic Heavy Duty Vinyl Lino Flooring |

The perfect vinyl flooring is the combination of quality material, durable layer and lasting thickness. At Underground Flooring we only supply European IVC brand vinyl flooring which is trusted by millions all over the world.

Vinyl Features

  • R10
  • 2.0 mm Thickness
  • 0.70 Wear Layer
  • HyperGuard+
  • Installation method : Fully glued
  • Level of use : 23 - 34 - 43
  • Acoustic insulation : 7 dB
  • Fireclass certificate  : Bfl-s1

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